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brand identity design
website design renewal

redevelopment of website to deliver clearer brand messages adding pages of 'its campaign','freshy made here','health benefits' and 'quality ingredients'. Developing new visuals in relation to each message was one of the key part of this project including new photograph and graphic direction.

social media graphic direction
visit itsu instagram

redevelopment of itsu's social media visual graphic direction. Previously the visual was heavily product focused and the aesthetic was not curated and strict in only using white backgrounds and overhead shots meaning it lacked depth and excitement. The Instagram visuals now features a range of relatable content as well as product focused and the new aesthetic uses bold colours which stem from the itsu brand colours-yellow, pink, white-and play with strong shadow. The visuals in photoshop retouched are conceptual and abstract making the messaging about health, product, price and sustainability etc.
crispy seaweed thins
FMCG packaging design

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oishi bar
FMCG packaging design, photograph direction
Oishi is meaning ‘delicious’ in Japanese. Itsu Oishi bar is healthy bar in pairing all natural premium ingredients with an unexpected hit of Asian flavour. Expertly made in small batches by hand in the UK.
itsu healthy drink range project
FMCG packaging design
Resetting/redesigning all itsu drink range; cold press juice, super food drink, vitamin water, low calorie water, infused spring water. Integral design concept development in packaging, merchandising unit planning, launching campaign, instore marketing planning with practical excution.
zen water
FMCG packaging design
Itsu Zen water is made by infusing extracts of fruit with spring water. No sugar or sweetners at all: thus zero calories.
super tonic
FMCG packaging design
Itsu Super Tonics are a refreshing blend of pure water and fruit juices, supercharged with spices and fruit extracts. It developed as 'functional juice' range for boosting healthy drinking.
seasonal campaign launching
christmas, deal campaign, local store marketing visual solutions. For each christmas, spcial menu box design along with window design planning excuted. For a deal campaign, visual creative/photograph direction along with social media graphic planning excuted. For Local store marketing materials, visual mock-up for concept development as well as graphic artworks excuted.
hot food packaging

cold food packaging
hoarding window
itsu healthy snacks
metcalfes popcorn/itsu popcorn
asian sauses
fridge sections
store front design