Graphic Designer | Painter | Illustrator

London Wine Walk (working in Progress- printing in 2020)
water-colour, colour pencil, pencil, pen
Illustration for Billy's Diary
water-colour, colour pencil, pencil
'Office Sirvival' illustration project
pen line hand-drawing
Client:The Book Compamy
'TTL tak magazinel' illustration project
entitled 'A Pimple' mixed materials
Client: Hong Design Studio
the Mulgogi Project blue
456mm (width) x 610mm (height)
About a decade ago I created one album cover artwork on paper - now I re create that on wooden canvas with much deeper feelings and emotions
The Mulgogi Project-CD design
A music CD compposed by Vassilis Xiros during December 2008 to January 2009. Lyrics from a traditional Italian partisan song and some part of the Greek poem by Odysseas Elytis. 'The 'mulgogi' in Korean a fish.
Graphic design produced by photo shooting, following the craft work.
Client : composer_Vassils Xros
Illustration for a song called 'Wind'
pencil drawing with compute graphic
Illustration for Internet banner
Client: Macond Latin Cafe
Illustration Board
water colour, wood
Client : O-Gung Gallery