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Oxo Tower Exhibition London UK 2019 : Exhibition Brand Design

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Stories in tea cups
1200mm (width) x 900mm (height)
Long time ago before I moved to London, my father gave me a Korean Tea Pot set. This set consists of 5 little tea cups with a sookwoo(hot wate rcooler) and a dahgwan(tea pot). All of them has lots of cracks on the surface. All of them has still got some rusticity. However, this Korean tea pot set still 'STAY' with me in London, has been listening to my all the stories. When I am alone, one of these tea cups is just quietly listening to me. When I am with friends, still these tea cups listen to us. Everyone has their own cracks in their stories. We laugh, we cry, we smile again just holding this tea cup in hands... All of our stories are just shiny and becomes gold. Our memory in all stories become gold. These tea cups just become my alter ego.
Back to Basics Project
A poster for the 'Back to Basics' exhibition during 8th to 21st Dec 2008.
Final piece of work- the investigation of colour shadings by the quantity of natural light. Each colour in the cube was from taking photograph a plain cyan colour board, once per a minute from 6 o'clock in the morning to noon for about 6 hours. This exhibition collaborated by 34 graphic designers from the MA at LCC delved back to the basics of design.
Pop-up Gallery / Store, Carnaby London
A book of 'Print & Narrative' Project,2008
One of the MA workshop projects. Interpreted the subject matter of 'Journey' in a way of narrative possibility
Seongnam international book art fair 2009
Card design using photograph of typographic biscuits artwork
Seongnam international book art fair
A Publication Containing Articles Related to Newspaper Formats and Newspaper Format Change Phenomenon.
The Widea about ‘A Publication about Newspaper Formats and Newspaper Format Change’ was showing people the actual size of newspaper formats by publishing stories about format change in the broadsheet size.

There are two main parts: Different Formats(left side)and Format Change Phenomenon Articles from the research (right side)

A Poster for the Volume show 2008_MA Graphic Design Show

'Perfume : the story of murder' illustration project
acrylic illustration and artwork
Client: self published

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